• Available for folding umbrellas only
  • Minimum order only 12 pieces
  • Sold blank (boxes not imprintable)
  • Umbrellas sold separately (not included with purchase of boxes)
Box Dimensions (inches): 17 x 2 x 2
    Medium Gift Box

    Add some flair to your custom printed umbrellas! We can individually pack each item into our sleek all-black Gift Boxes. (Boxes not intended for remailing. Please contact us for details if remailable individual boxes are needed.)

    Available for folding umbrellas only, up to 16" long. Great matches include our Spectrum and Color Crown umbrellas.

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    2.49 (C)
    2.95 (C)
    Canada Program: Pricing in US dollars and includes brokerage & duty charges into Canada—FOB NY.
    Delivery: 5-7 working days from all approvals.
    Umbrellas sold separately. Additional Costs: Click Here.
    Available Colors (Click Here for PMS equivalents):