Custom Overseas Project Questionnaire


Thank you for contacting StrombergBrand Umbrellas for your special umbrella project needs!

This simple form is to help quickly decipher how we can help move your project in the right direction.  Please read through all the questions noting the helpful hints below each question.  These hints may answer many of your questions before contacting us.


Your name?  


Your e-mail address?  


Your phone number?  


Your company name?  


What is the due date of your project?  

Custom overseas work normally takes approximately 110 days from all approvals.  This can change based on many factors, but gives a general guideline.  It is not normally possible to reduce this turn time greatly for custom work.

For quicker delivery, please see our overseas digital printing program:


What is the quantity for this project?   

Custom overseas work normally requires 600 umbrellas minimum.  This can change based on each project due to the frames, fabric or other specifications.  This is a general idea of where custom work starts.

For smaller quantities, please see our overseas digital printing program:


Have you selected one of our stock umbrellas as a starting point for your custom project?

Looking through our website that is packed with loads of wonderful umbrella options will help you to have an idea of how your project should begin.  We can mix and match fabric colors or handles but looking at the stock items gives us a place to start.


Do you know what color fabric you require for your project?

Locating custom dyed fabric can be a challenge when trying to meet minimums so it is important to know what colors are required right up front.   We can work together to find what will work best and what is available to create your perfect umbrella.


Do you have logos available for review that will be printed?

Reviewing the art and making it available for our overseas contacts helps the quoting process go quickly.


Do you require special packaging or boxing?  Special Carton markings?

Packaging that strays from standard bulk packing may have additional costs.  We should discuss this upfront.