• StrombergBrand exclusive, available in black color
  • Lightweight design for easy and inexpensive shipping (base is approximately 6 lbs when empty)
  • Fill with water to anchor umbrellas (base is approximately 47-49 lbs when full)
  • Freestanding design works with all StrombergBrand patio umbrellas
  • A 10” tall black metal tube, with two adjustable tension screws, helps your umbrella’s central pole to stand straight without the need for a table’s support
Diameter: 19.7
Shipping Weight: 6lbs
Box Dimensions (inches): 23 x 21 x 6
    Free-Standing Durable High-Density Textured Plastic Base


    Anchor any of our patio umbrellas with our exclusive base that allows umbrellas to stand without additional support. This attractive black base easily fills with water, adding all the support a patio umbrella needs. No table required! Wide bottom provides greater stability than typical bases. Long pole receptacle can accommodate umbrella poles that have 1” (25mm), 1.5” (38mm), or 2” (50mm) diameters.

    The base weighs approximately 6 lbs when empty - much lighter than similar units on the market, making it easier and less expensive to ship. When filled with water, however, it weighs up to 50 lbs, to secure patio umbrellas against light winds!

    One or more units: $48.98(C) each.

    Note: this Black Plastic Base can only be sold in combination with one of our patio/outdoor umbrellas. This base is an exclusive option only guaranteed to fit StrombergBrand umbrellas.


    Please note that due to high demand, shipment of these patio bases may be delayed. Call customer service for more details regarding options for outdoor dining and advertising, or try our SB-9230 Durable High-Density Textured Plastic Base!

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    48.98 (C)
    Canada Program: Pricing in US dollars and includes brokerage & duty charges into Canada—FOB NY.
    Delivery: 5-7 working days from all approvals.
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