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Patio and Beach seasons are here - everywhere!

Patio and Beach seasons are here - everywhere!


As warmer weather, flowers and leafy trees spread across the country, thoughts of dining outside or going to the beach go right along with them! Happy people eating at their favorite bistro or relaxing on the beach under a shading umbrella are welcome sites, to be sure.


Advertising on patio and beach umbrellas has been a mainstay in the promotional business for decades. It’s a great way to build brand power in businesses such hospitality, restaurants, beverage and food manufacturing/distributing, golf and country clubs, to name just a few. They’re also very popular for use at trade shows, fairs and as part of point-of-purchase displays, which opens the potential end-user market to almost any company, so let your creative juices flow!


Vibrant fade-resistant canopy colors, great design, ease-of-use and durability top the list of advertiser needs, along with bold imprinting that provides immediate impact from one color to full-color designs, as well as multiple locations for 360° viewing. No other products in the umbrella category see as much branding.


The next time you’re out and about, take a moment to appreciate how these products bring extra pizazz to outside dining and beach scenes, and then let your clients know that they’re missing out on a tremendous promotional opportunity!


SB-5300 The Vented Bistro Patio Umbrella


SB-5500 The Vented Bistro Patio Umbrella


SB-5600 The Vented Cafe Market Patio Umbrella


Note: Since our patio umbrellas aren't freestanding (except for the SB-5300 Trio when it's used on the beach), they must be used with both a table and base, and we offer these base styles: The SB-9200 Aluminum Base (fill with sand) or the SB-9230 High-Density Textured Plastic Base (fill with water).

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